By Coach KB

(If you are new to the POINT Gym and Kitchen blog and want to learn what the Movement Minute Challenge is all about, check out the introductory post here.)


This week’s Movement Minute is brought to you by Jonathan FitzGordon, creator of the CoreWalking Method… and also of the workshop brilliantly titled The Psoas Release Party. Walking and our psoas are intricately connected and lots of chronic pain (back, knee, shoulders, etc.) are tied to our repeated pattern of walking incorrectly. The psoas (our main hip-flexor) is one of the muscles that brought us up to a bipedal standing position and allows us to walk. Since many of us walk incorrectly (usually meaning we lean backwards) the psoas is not aligned correctly and our entire posterior chain is disengaged. Learning to walk correctly is one of the best ways to release the psoas and, therefore, reduce pain throughout the body.

This brings me to the Movement Minute Challenge: This week I would like you to spend one minute each day examining how you walk:
1) Examine how you currently walk (just “feeling” it while it’s happening or, my recommendation, take a video of yourself walking... barefoot, in your work shoes, in your running shoes, in your favorite flip-flops... any shoes you typically walk in... and on carpet, on concrete, up stairs... a variety of terrains).  
2) Then practice walking with your butt sticking out. In other words, relax your butt muscles and get your legs under your hip sockets instead of setting your butt on top of your hamstrings (Note - this is different than arching your back!). You can practice this just standing, too. If you are someone whose back starts to hurt after standing a long time in line or chopping veggies in the kitchen, it may be for the exact same reasons. 

*This Movement Minute was inspired by Episode 18 of the Liberated Body podcast.