What is "Snack Food?"

By Coach Mel

What can I eat for a snack?

This is a question we get a lot at POINT Kitchen. And it is a valid question. The food industry has conditioned our brains to believe that there is snack food and then there is food food. Not unlike the thinking that goes behind “breakfast food” “lunch food” and “dinner food”. Guys, come in close now I’m gonna tell you a secret, **whispered** “it’s all just food.”  Well, if we are getting technical I suppose it is not “all just food.” The “snack” items we have to select from in the stores include a host of options, few of which, however, are actually “food.”

So, still the question remains, What can I eat for a snack? You can eat any food! The main complication when it comes to snacking is that it typically it needs to be portable. This is why Food Giants have made so much profit with “on-the-go,” individually-packed, and preservatives (but let’s just call a spade a spade - chemicals). I was just home in St. Louis, where the inspiration for this blog came, and I opened my parent’s cabinets. Before my eyes lay a spread of food-like products none of which actually containing real food ingredients. Obviously, unable to keep my mouth shut and just have some Cheez Its I said to my mom, “Why do you buy all this stuff?” To which she responded, “well, we need snack things around.” Oh. So I ate a handful because...live a little and they are delicious and it was “what was around” and I didn’t want to be a jerk. But it got me thinking, Why do we need to compartmentalize our food into meal-food and between-meal-food?

My one tip for success in life: Pack your food. Pack your food. Always have food (aka “snacks”) handy.

So, instead of What can I eat for a snack? the question really should be, What is the best container to put my food in for when I get hungry during the day? I recommend Snapware containers for light and tight sealed travel. They come in all shapes and sizes! And you can get a variety pack at Costco - they have both the glass and the BPA-free plastic variety - and they both go on sale every couple months or so. It’s not too late to put this on your Christmas list! Use the big containers for leftover meals and the small ones to pack food (aka snacks) in at the beginning of the week! Then you can grab-and-go just as easily as grabbing those snack-packs from the 90’s with the cracker sticks and the little side of “cheese.” Remember those?

As for food; anything that is actually food goes. Try and aim for a nice mix of macronutrients, carbs, fats, and proteins. Think Lunchables, but with actual food! Go crazy!

Here are just a few snack-food ideas for you:

     1.   Hard boiled eggs. Eggs are an excellent source of quality fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals  And totally portable. You can peel them and salt them and have them stored in your small container.

     2.  Apple and almond butter. Pre-slice your apple. You can put a little lemon juice on them to keep them from browning. Add a side of almond butter for a fat-/protein-/carb-rich snack

    3.  Leftovers. Put a smaller portion of your leftover awesome dinner in a container and eat off of it during the day!

That’s should be a good start. For endless awesome recipes and health tips join our January E.A.T. (Eat Actual Things) challenge starting December 9th. 28 days of recipes/shopping lists/support and health. There will be a couple info meetings before it starts so keep following us for all the details. 

In closing, remember that good food is good food and your body will recognize it as such, regardless of time of day. So go crazy and have “breakfast for dinner” or dare I say have it for a snack! Run wild! Just eat it good food that energizes and nourishes you.