Badass Businesses in PDX

By Coach KB

While POINT was borne out of a passion for health and fitness, what we feel was the ultimate catalyst for the concept behind POINT – “Train Indoors. Play Outdoors.” – was something that was not being done elsewhere… which is something that we felt was (is!) seriously misguided in the fitness industry. As if opening a business wasn’t risky enough, opening a business and telling people NOT to come every day… that being active outside is an important part of a healthy lifestyle… seemed crazy. Or at least that is what a lot of people told us. But we stayed true to our beliefs. And what we have now is a gym full of the best people in Portland who want to train indoors to be strong enough to safely (and awesomely!) play outdoors (or at least outside of the gym).

There are a few other women in Portland who are also doing things a little bit differently. We all began our respective journeys into business-ownership around the same time and we have all faced criticism for doing things “outside the box.” I’d like to give a shout-out to these brave women for sticking to their convictions, rocking at life, and using their businesses to improve the health, well-being, and general feeling of happiness within our community.

(in alphabetical order)

Leah Benson – Owner and Founder of Gladys Bikes

Gladys Bikes is a woman-focused bike shop – the ONLY woman-focused bike shop – in Portland and one of only a few in the country (don’t worry dudes… dudes can shop there, too). As Melissa mentioned in her previous blog, biking in Portland is easily accessible but very intimidating if you are new to biking, especially when you walk into any other bike shop (Sellwood Cycles excluded) and get (not) greeted by some greasy hipster bike mechanic that starts spouting off about centimeters and top-tubes and chain lube and chain-stays, expecting you to know exactly what he’s talking about.

The people at Gladys can bike-nerd it up with you if you want, but they really are all about meeting you where you are with biking and getting you set up for whatever you plan to use your bike for. They even have the country’s only Saddle Library that allows you to check out your saddle and try it before buying, because riding a bike is way more fun if you are comfortable! And feeling comfortable on your bike means you will ride it more which leads to happier people and a healthier community. This is just one of the reasons why we give all of our thumbs-up to our buddy Leah for going out on a limb and starting a kick-ass business that’s a little out of the norm for the bike-world but a lot in line with creating good community! – 2905 NE Alberta St.


  • Skylor Powell – Author of The Shift Program; Holistic Health Coach; and Yoga Teacher Extraordinaire (I named her that, she didn’t… But trust me – she is!)

Skylor Powell approaches food and eating in a way totally outside the norm for our society, and totally in line with what POINT does with the E.A.T. Challenge, which is just one of the reasons why we love her! While most are mired down in a constant struggle to achieve a “Beach Body” or complete a “Summer Slim-Down” or “Winter Fat Blast,” Skylor’s approach is fun and playful and void of any language that makes people feel like they should be anyone but who they are.

Skylor could have just continued her life of healthy eating to be the happiest and healthiest person she could be, but she believes so strongly that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy that she did what most of us have only dreamed of… She wrote a book.  Not just any book, but a book written for normal people who live with budgets, time constraints, and who want their food to taste good! She could have also marketed her nutritional expertise in the conventional way and sold a ton of copies immediately, but instead she is targeting people who care about their internal health and happiness; not just about how they look. For these reasons and so many more we raise a giant glass of Kombucha to our friend Skylor for her commitment to creating a happier and healthier community.


Landyn Shanks – Owner and Chiropractor of ChiroWay Portland

ChiroWay’s philosophy, much like POINT’s, is that your health should be a proactive measure; not an afterthought as a result of disease or trauma. The common course in chiropractic care is to wait for a car or bike accident or for something else to be “wrong” with you such that you “need” to get back into alignment. Landyn’s philosophy is that if you are living day-to-day with proper alignment, you are more likely to always be functioning (and feeling!) at your best.

Your spine is the pathway for your entire nervous system and should be regularly cared for which is why you can get a chiropractic adjustment from Landyn every weekday if you want! Since her approach is proactive rather than reactive she doesn’t even take insurance. You pay a “membership” fee much like a gym and can go as often as you want (up to 20 visits per month). It’s just a $50 annual enrollment fee (per family) and then $49 per month (plus $10 more for each family member). Could she make a lot more money off of sick and injured people and their insurance? Probably. But she is devoted to her approach of proactive care for a healthy-minded community. This is why we have so many high-fives for Landyn for staying committed to a model that doesn’t quite fit the standard box, but definitely fits the awesomeness of helping people be at their very best. – 3115 NE Sandy Blvd. # 125