On Being an Adult

By Coach Mel

I feel like the progression from childhood to teenhood to adulthood can look a few ways. Some skip the middle and go straight from kid to adult. Some skip the latter and rest happy and stagnant somewhere between childhood and the teenage years. I feel like I have finally hit all stages, albeit at my own pace. I write this week’s blog as a little relief from our recent more serious topics, but also to point out that reflection is good. We don’t want to dwell on the past, as they say, but looking back on it is healthy. Seeing how far we have come… and how much we still have to do.

I think we all have that moment when something clicks and we stand up and say (maybe even out loud), “I AM AN ADULT.” For me it was followed by a skeptical “holy shit” but for others it is possibly more exciting - a more adult-like revelation.  It was not the moment I wasn’t living out of my car anymore, or the minute Kimberly and I purchased a business license for POINT (at which time, I would surely be forced back into said residential car.) Nope. My “I-am-an-adult moment” came at a much more poignant time. It was when I was preparing my lunch for the day, and as I snapped the sides of my Snapware container (that Kimberly had gifted me possibly with the underlying intention of expediting my transformation) it dawned on me... I have Tupperware! Not old yogurt containers or to-go containers deemed fancy enough to reuse over and over. I have actual nesting containers that, if I choose to, can be organized by size and shape and even color in their own cabinet. In my non-vehicular home! Surely this was the moment when I realized that I am fully an adult. 

Then the fuse was ignited and a cascade of light bulbs went off in my head… the Snapware also functions well to keep food away from my dog. My DOG! My dog that I am RESPONSIBLE to feed… TWICE a day lest she DIES. Life. I am responsible for ANOTHER life; not just my own. And then I immediately called my mom, because, I was freaked out. And she assured me that, yes, of course I was a grownup as I was now 30… and then she took this opportunity to suggest maybe I get off the family phone plan. I in turn denied this insinuation and suggested she look into unlimited data “for the family.”

You see, growing up can look a few ways and be triggered by many things. There is not necessarily a magical age at which we wake up and just know we are adults. Some of us become adults at 13 and others, well… 

Wondering if you are now an adult too? Here is a helpful list of things that I realized fit into my adulthood. Perhaps if some are true for you then you have been struck as well.

  • You don’t eat spoonfuls of peanut butter anymore because you can’t afford food. You eat spoonfuls of almond butter because you can appreciate a good healthy fat.
  • You actually, literally go to sleep at the same time you used to leave to “go out” and you actually, literally couldn’t stay up longer if you wanted to.
  • Coffee is no longer to aid a hangover; it is what you NEED in the morning. Every morning.  But you have strong convictions about how you are not addicted...
  • You no longer turn your underwear inside out to get a few more wears in before laundry day. (I’ve never done this.)
  • You fold your laundry and don’t just wear it out of the hamper after you throw it back in there from the dryer. (I still am guilty of this one but it will be telling when I stop.)  
  • You have a job.
  • You buy toilet paper; you don’t take a little from other places. (This one time I took a roll from POINT and realized I was only stealing from myself. And Kimberly, sorry.)

Being an adult is gratifying, liberating, expensive, and hard. I can’t wait to be a senior citizen.

Comment with your own adult realizations!