Should You Work Out When You're Sick?

By Coach Mel

Ever wondered if that sniffle is a reason to skip your workout or if you are actually just looking for a reason to skip your workout? This winter feels like it has been particularly brutal about knocking people down with a bug. And many of you who are at home sick are probably wondering when, itching to, needing to, ready to give anything to get back to POINT. Here are some things to think about before stuffing your pockets with tissues and heading to the gym:

If you feel a cold coming on should you stay home from the gym?

A good visual to think about is the above-the-neck rule. If your symptoms are sniffles and maybe a little cough, you are probably fine to work out. But, if you feel worse afterwards, taking a day off is wise. If your body aches or you feel a stomach virus arising, take a day off.

What should you do if you have a full-blown cold/flu?

If you have a fever stay home. If you feel completely run down or wiped out then typically it is our body telling us to take a rest. You will most likely not gain much from a session because what your body needs is rest. Get lots of sleep and drink lots of water.

If you have been sick when should you resume?

Listen to your body. A cold can last around a week and the flu even longer. Please remember you are contagious during the first part of your illness and, while you might want to suck it up, others don’t want what you’ve got. We know you get quite excited when thinking about workouts and want no hiccup in your routine but remember to ease back into it, particularly if you were out with a bad flu. Coming back at full-steam could just prolong your recovery phase. Take walks and move around, keep it low intensity, but perhaps a POINT class is not what you need yet.

Overall, it is important to know our bodies. Rest days are important - from working out and from life - knowing the difference between feeling run down in a way and just feeling “not into it” is important. Here is to a healthy end to February; see you soon!