YOU Are a Few of Our Favorite Things

By Coaches KB & Mel

A lot can happen in a year. The end of December is a good time to reflect on all the good things in your life. Opening POINT two years ago has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences… even more than we imagined when we first had the idea to open a gym. This is only true because of YOU - all the amazing people that make POINT what it is. All of you who come in, work hard, struggle, make progress, survive, laugh, sweat, share successes… We could not ask for a better crew of people and are so fortunate to have you all be a part of our lives. 

Here, rather than spout New Year’s cliches, we wanted to take a few lines of paper to share a little one-liner about each of you. Some silly, some serious; none that capture everything... Just a little bit that sticks out and makes POINT a better place because you are there. 

Aaron V - Remains calm, even during challenging workouts.
Allie F - Best beats.
Amanda S - Most intense.
Amelia S - Happiest 6am attitude.
Amy L - Most consistent progress over time.
Ana R - Longest free-standing handstand of any POINT member.
Andrea H - Not afraid of the elements.
Anna L - Kills KB swings.
Ashley S - Never less than 100%.
Brianna M - Most likely to do more reps than necessary because she forgot to count.
Bridget P - One hardass worker.
Bridget W - Most likely to call her coaches horrible names to their faces.
Brooke B - Most coordinated workout clothes.
Brooke R - Most committed to mobility.
Buck S - Longest standing POINT enthusiast.
Cristin P - Beast mode.
Daniel S - Most likely to greet a new member.
Eddy L - Most supportive team member.
Ember K - Most likely to put step-ups to use in the wild.
Emily I - Most likely to sub coffee for water during a workout.
Erica S - Most likely to love her dog-family just as much as her coaches do theirs.
Erik J - Best looking pushups around.
Erika F - Best job at filtering what she probably actually wants to say during a workout.
Hana K - Comes in. Works hard. Gets it done.
Izzy W - Always late but worth the wait.
Jana U - Gets after it, even when flying solo.
Jason H - Most likely to incorporate coaching tips immediately.
Jeffrey B - Kickball all-star.
Joanna J - Small stature. Big personality.
Joe S - Best hats.
Juli Z - Most determined facial expressions.
Justin H - Biggest doodle-lover at the gym.
Justin L - Maintains perfect hair throughout the workout.
Kara B - Most upbeat.
Kat M - Power cleans like a BOSS.
Karim A - One funny motherfucker.
Kate C - Least likely to complain during a workout.
Kelly A - Most likely to run class if Coach Mel sleeps in.
Kelsey B - Battle rope BALLER.
Khaya C - Most likely to request bench press in a workout.
Kirsten I - Most likely to put her POINT skills to work on a farm in Hawaii.
Kristen S - Most improved squats.
Kristin V - When we say Go Hard, she GOES HARD.
Lady B - Most likely to psychoanalyze a workout.
Lady H - Least likely to let injuries set her back.
Lindsey E - Cutest dog-talking voice ever!
Maayan A - Funkiest pants. And dance moves during a workout.
Madeline S - Most likely to work on handstands before and after class.
Maria S - Best use of indoor training in the outdoors.
Marylynn K - Most polite teammate around.
Meg CP - Most likely to be seen piloting a tandem bike to and from POINT.
Michael M - Most likely to be in the dressing room throughout the warmup.
Michael S - Friendliest conversationalist.
Michelle C - Top notch wit.
Nicole C - Most likely to say expletives under her breath. (But we know she really likes it.)
Olivia M - Most likely to own her own gym and run her own food challenge. No really... For real.
Rachel B - Best dance moves at POINT.
Rhonda W - Box-conquerer.
Ryan F - Unparalleled athlete and warm-up comedian.
Sheryl A - Most likely to use her child as a medicine ball… And have MAD monkey-bar skillz.
Sreyrith S - Yes, she really is that sweet.
Stephanie V - Most well-read.
Stephanie W - Does what she wants.
Steve K - Most likely to find a way to use his upper body during a lower body exercise.
Taylor H - Most likely to apply POINT strength to running.
Todd J - Most likely to exercise 7 days a week.
Tony P - Most likely to try to get away with using a lighter weight than he should.
Tyler F - Most adventurous dog-owner.
Wendi H - Most consistent noon attendance.
Will G - Most arrivals on foot... And still RABs without complaining.