Follow the Trifecta Adventure

By Coach Mel

We all have different reasons and motivations for what we do in our free time. Our free time can be how we relax after a tough work week. It might be when we catch up with family and friends. Or it might be when we have time to do what makes us feel alive. We all live our lives differently and for different purposes; it’s what makes us individuals.

You won’t typically catch me or Kimberly posting about what we do on the weekends on any social platform. It’s something we are torn about as we know that us getting outside puts legitimacy to what we preach. It is, in fact, our motto: Train indoors. Play outdoors.  But it also goes against the reasons we do it.

I don’t do a race or climb a mountain to say I raced or climbed a mountain. Or to see how many likes I can get on a picture of it. I do a race to feel pushed to my limits and I climb a mountain to feel small and because, quite simply, you have never seen a truly blue sky until you have been on top of a mountain.

But I am now in a position where I literally have to post about an upcoming trip so I will use this platform to tell you about it and relate it to our gym.

Two years ago my friend, Emily Johnston, and I schemed a trip and were planning to apply for a grant to do it.  Last year we each thought the other had applied so obviously neither of us did and combined with the fact that it was a bad weather year we pushed the trip a year back to this summer.  We received a grant from the American Alpine Association and, one stipulation is that we post on social media every morning and evening about how the trip is going.

So I created a separate Instagram account which people can choose to follow or not. 

Our objective: The Trifecta: Bike, self-supported, from Portland to Mt. Hood and climb it, then bike to Mt. Adams and climb it, and then bike to St. Helens and climb it and bike back to Portland, all within one week.  I am nothing if not skeptical about the likelihood that this is even possible but we are going to give it a shot. This trip will combine everything that makes me feel alive and everything I love about “free time.” The blue skies, many limits pushed, being on a bike, being on a mountain, being with a friend, seeing how far our bodies can go.

At POINT Gym we preach that cross-training combined with a little specific sport supplementation can get you fit enough to complete what you want and to not have to say no to any physical invitation. As far as my training for this trip has gone… I’ll be honest; it has been slight. With excuses such as traveling and finishing our Nutrition certification I have not quite had the time to prepare how I would have liked.  I have been consistently attending POINT classes, bike commuting with an extra ride/week as well as a run including stairs each week. Admittedly the extra riding and stairs are just this month’s recent addition but the POINT classes have been consistent.

Our Instagram handle is TeamOTC standing for Team Off the Couch. Not off the couch in terms of literally untrained but in terms of what I just described; not training for a specific sport, just always working out, and still being able to complete a task.  

At POINT Kitchen we believe, in terms of Sports Nutrition, that Fat is in. Fat provides your body with a long burning energy source while sugar only a momentary burst leaving you reaching for a gel within about 20-30 minutes. We will be doing a presentation at POINT on the specifics of this but this trip will be our case study. With seven days of endurance feats in a row and Kimberly’s help in preparation I plan to test this theory fueling myself with an appropriate mix of fats, proteins, and carbs, but with an emphasis on fats. Not on processed sugar or other advertised sports products that the competitive world is so hooked on. I won’t be able to be perfect as we will be resupplying in small towns but will do my best with this aspect.

With the support of the American Alpine Association, the camaraderie of a best friend, Emily, (the one pictured) willing to spend seven days with just me, the amazingness of another best friend and business partner (Coach KB) who is running the show while I’m gone, and the anticipation of non-city life for at least a matter what happens, it’s going to be a good time.

Thanks for reading and if you feel like following the adventure from July 5-11 follow TeamOTC. Posts will begin as soon as preparations do! (So that should’ve been a few weeks ago...but it will be this weekend.)