By Coach KB

(If you are new to the POINT Gym and Kitchen blog and want to learn what the Movement Minute Challenge is all about, check out the introductory post here.) 

This Movement Minute is so simple and obvious but has so many complex implications for our lives. It starts with the fascination we seem to have with compartmentalizing the concepts of mind and body as if they are different things... Even our stupid online scheduling system is called MindBody! The fact of the matter is that you cannot have a mind without a body; our bodies give life to our minds; our minds are part of our bodies. They are not only connected, they are interrelated and each deeply affects the other and how it works. I would go as far as to throw that last statement out the window and just say that they are the same thing.

This is the work Nancy DeLucrezia, founder of Neuro-Structural Bodywork and of the Kali Institute, is trying to impress upon the world. Our mindset is that we go to work to exercise our minds and we go to the gym to exercise our bodies. Well, we can go to the gym or to yoga for an hour a day or get lots of massage or other bodywork done on a regular basis but if we do not change the way we move the other hours of the day and also consider why we move the way we do, then there is a serious disconnect between our bodies and our minds.

There is a great parable that illustrates what she is talking about: If you tied a baby elephant up by its ankle and it grew up over the years in a way that it could only walk 10 feet in any direction, once you removed the chain and it was free to walk anywhere it wouldn't necessarily go anywhere beyond the 10-foot radius. It has learned to only occupy the 10-foot space. You can train the elephant to go beyond the boundary but its nervous system won't necessarily integrate that new information without prompting. 

Consider this - most Americans sit 12+ hours per day. OVER TWELVE HOURS! Driving, working, eating meals, watching TV, even you smug bike commuters*… We become the shapes that we make. I will say that again because it is just that good: We become the shapes that we make. 

This brings me to our next Movement Minute Challenge. This week my challenge for you is to spend AT LEAST one minute per day this week (best at the end of the day) mapping out the top three most common shapes you made that day. You can write these down, you can draw them, you can simply think about them, or you can act them out (super fun to do with kids!).  

*No, I don't actually think bike commuters are smug... At least not all of them. ;)

**This Movement Minute was inspired by Episode 8 of the Liberated Body podcast.