Holiday Giving at POINT

We’ve said it before and we’ll keep saying it again and again… We continue to be so thankful to have a community and platform from which to ask for help and get support for causes that need it the most. It is pretty overwhelming to think of all the people that could benefit so greatly from things we take for granted. We are passionate about many different organizations that all need extra support right now so we have decided to choose a few we love the most to sponsor during our annual POINT donation drive.

How you can help: Just choose from one (or more) of the organizations below based on your own passions, take a festive tag from the gym and fulfill the request on the tag, drop it off at POINT when you come for your next workout, and we will drop it off for you! Don’t actually attend POINT? You can still swing by and grab a tag or just use the lists below as inspiration and donate on your own.  

Have a brother-in-law or friend that you just DON’T KNOW WHAT TO GET for the holidays? Make a donation in his/her name. Trust me, they will appreciate the gesture instead of whatever Made-in-China knick-knack you might have spent money on that will now clutter their closets.

The three organizations we have chosen are Sexual Assault Resource Center (SARC), Sisters of the Road, and Meals on Wheels. Here is a little about each, why they are important to us, and what you can do:

Sexual Assault Resource Center was founded by two sexual assault victims in 1977. We need more than ever to continue the war against rape-culture and promote equality. Helping women feel more powerful is something we are so passionate about at POINT. By now, you’ve probably heard about #metoo. From this we all should now know that anyone can be a victim of sexual assault and we will be so bold as to say 100% of women have to live with the thought that “it could be me” on any given day. Every time we walk alone, go out at night, or, for some of us, just come home, we think about it. Even those who will never be physically assaulted have most likely at some point been verbally assaulted. We want to do what we can to help those who have had it the worst and start preventing the culture that enables it.

This wonderful non-profit’s mission is to “promote social justice by eliminating sexual violence in our community through education, support, and advocacy.” SARC uses the word “survivor” and not “victim.” They work to empower the survivor and recognize that sexual assault is based in anger, power, silencing, and control. The survivor is NEVER to blame. Their philosophy reflects the knowledge that sexual assault “has no boundaries of race, age, language, gender, economic class, disability, or religion. We believe that the survivor need not be alone during their healing process.” Learn more about SARC here. 

How you can support SARC:

Clothing: SARC stocks all Washington County hospitals with clothes survivors can wear home when their clothing may be taken for evidence. We look for new or lightly used gender-inclusive and size-inclusive items including: sports bras, underwear, sweat pants, leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks, flip flops, etc.)

1. Hygiene Products: SARC provides survivors with hygiene products in emergencies, and/or when they may not be able to access them elsewhere (deodorant, shampoo, soap/body wash, tampons, pads, travel sizes, etc.)
2. Gift Cards: In a pinch, gift cards to stores like Target, Fred Meyers, gas cards, etc. allow SARC staff to purchase clothing, hygiene products, transport, food, and more for survivors with specific needs
3. Arts & Crafts: If you are an artist or love crafts, SARC has projects for you! Get in touch with for more information.

Sisters of the Road is a non-profit cafe. How cool is that? Their goal is to end poverty and homelessness (houselessness) by altering systems that put people in danger every day. They are starting this change by providing nutrient packed meals made with food right from their garden, locally sourced ingredients, and donated food. The hope is that one day the community will be in good health and not in need of a non-profit cafe; that their cafe can just be another restaurant in Old Town. Until then, they will continue to do the amazing work they do… Let’s help them out!

“Our belief in food and housing justice with care and dignity as universal human rights are reflected in Sisters’ barter work program where folks can work to pay $1.50 for a meal and drink (same price since 1979!) if you aren’t able to pay with cash. We accept cash, SNAP benefits/EBT cards, meal coupons and barter cards. At the core of Sisters’ community organizing lies our belief that the people most qualified to change oppressive systems are those with lived experience of that oppression.We also do advocacy and community organizing work outside of the Cafe to make Portland a healthier place for all.” Learn more about Sisters of the Road here

How you can support Sisters of the Road:

  1. Donate a Turkey - they want to put on a holiday feast for their community and it takes a lot to feed many mouths. They grow or have supplied many ingredients for the side dishes but need support with the main course.
  2. Amazon Wish List - Ranging from toiletries to tarps to U-locks to secure customer bicycles, visit the list to fulfill items that will then get sent directly to them!
  3. Safeway or Fred Meyer Gift Cards - these are the nearest grocery stores to the cafe where they stock up on kitchen essentials.
  4. Make-up or Nailpolish - they hold a monthly Womxn’s Care Day and always need new, unused resources.

We love Meals on Wheels because they support our often overlooked senior population by providing nutritious lunches that are delivered Monday through Friday between 10am and 2pm. As you know, our community means everything to us and so many seniors face social isolation; the holiday season can be an especially lonely time of year. Meals on Wheels delivers food and friendly conversation to homebound seniors who may not see anyone else that day. We know a little love and some good food can go a long way for someone’s health and well-being. Given that the new tax bill could result in serious financial burdens for the aging population, this is one way to give support.

Meals on Wheels Values:
“We enrich the lives of seniors and assist them in maintaining independence by providing nutritious food, human connections, and social support. We also use our expertise and capacity to serve other nutritionally at-risk populations.”

Integrity: We work in a trustworthy, compassionate, and ethical manner.
Respect: We value the self-worth of our staff, volunteers, and populations we serve.
Inclusion: We are strengthened by diversity.
Creativity: We are innovative and willing to try new approaches.
Commitment: We demonstrate quality performance and dedication.
Teamwork: Together we accomplish more.
Learn more about Meals on Wheels here. 

How you can support Meals on Wheels:

1. Donate toward meal service - They have pre-set amounts for specific meal quantities or you can donate any amount that works with your budget.
2. Volunteer - You can be a driver to deliver meals or volunteer at one of their dining centers.

Thank you all so much for your love and support of our extended PDX community. Whether you choose one of these organizations or a different one, your support is a demonstration that you are taking action to improve the health and strength of the community, which is the change we so desperately need to see.