Member Appreciation

Member Appreciation.jpg

By Coaches KB and Mel

As we reflect back on the last year it’s incredible to think about all the progress we’ve made in our tiny little business. In trying to determine what it is that makes POINT successful for us the thing we kept coming back to over and over again is YOU! We are infinitely grateful and inspired daily by all of your hard work - you know that taking care of yourself is important for your health and for our community and that is exactly the POINT! Showing up in the world as the best version of yourself - strength, confidence, balance, being well-rounded... whatever motivates you to keep coming back - is the best gift you can give anyone.

As a small token of our appreciation for making our jobs awesome, we thought we would share a little something we see in each of you that positively contributes to our great community. Some are silly, some are serious, and all recognize you as a valuable asset to POINT.

Amarylis F - Most mindful mover
Amy V - Most dedicated to her hamstrings
Anna R - Biggest social circle
Annie A - Most likely to spill her coffee during the workout ;)
Annie B - Did you know she had a baby?!! ;)
Annie K - Cool, calm, strong AF
Ashley S - Strong muscles, steady mind, solid heart
Brian W - Lifts heavy shit
Bridget H - Coolest cat around. Unless Scattergories is involved. 
Brooke R - Most likely to work out after the workout
Caitlin C - Go-getter extraordinaire
Cesa S - Unlikeliest potty mouth... in the best possible way
Claire L - Most aligned feet
Cobb H - Holyshityou’resopregnantyouarethebiggestbadassthatcomestothegym
Cristin P - You can check out any time you like but you can never leave  ;)
Daniel S - Sharpest wit
Ember K - Weekend warrior
Emily C - Best at sharing her truest feelings during the workout
Erik J - More than just a meteorologist, people!
Heather P - Sweetest POINT member ever
Holly V - Most consistent over-sharer… in the best possible way
Jacob H - Newest cyclocross inductee… Way to crush this season!
Jamie H - First place goal finisher!
Jenn M - Deepest squat
Karim A - Best at making new members feel comfortable
Kat M - Dirtiest playlist
Kelly C - Brings the pep!
Kim M - Photog master
Kirsten I - Always scheming up a new adventure
Kristen S - Always finishes, no matter what
Kristin V - Endurance champion of the gym
Laura B - Strong warm-up game
Lauren G - Best restaurant recs
Lauren O - First to call Bridget out on anything. Ever. Always.
Lauren T - Endearingly clumsy but still conquers all the trails
Liz H - Most likely to be the only other one to think all the workouts are fun.
Madeline S - Most likely to go into business with her coaches ;)
Mallery H - Maybe the only person to actually listen when we explain the workout
Marisa M - Most likely to spout fiery political views in class
Mason M - Proud pants-wearer since 2017
Matthew S - Biggest hops
Meg R - Do you even handstand, bro?
Mel D - Most likely to tap into old gymnastics mindset
Melissa S - Best laugh
Michelle C - Did you say turn up th VOLUME?!! WHAT??? We can’t hear you!
Mya L - Beast mode
Naomi M - Most likely to use her functional POINT strength at work and home
Nicole D - Still shows up despite epic circumstances
Rhonda W - Badass biker chick
Rohan K - Most likely to trick his coaches into eating American cheese
Ryan F - Uses his POINT skills in the actual outdoors.
Ryan M - Best English-teacher humor during the mobility circle
Sam Z - Least likely to complain about running during a workout
Sarah R - Committed to adding strength to her yoga practice
Shawn S - Silliest commentary during the workout
Sherri S - Prioritizes POINT in the midst of a crazy schedule
Sheryl A - Shows her kids how to be a badass
Simone D - Wonder woman!
Stephanie W - Biggest dog-lover at the gym
Steve K - Most likely to bribe the dogs for their love with treats
Sydney S - Colorado is one lucky state
Talia E - Rafting champion of the year
Todd V - Second most likely to spill his coffee during the work out ;)
Tyler H - Most likely to make cash-money for his POINT moves ;)
Winter P - Best dance moves during class
Zach M - Best hair

2017 was a great year. We look forward to spending a fantastic 2018 with you.