POWerful Outdoor Women's Series - Anna Frost


“It isn’t about the sport being male dominated. It is about our own confidence to give something a go.”

- Anna Frost

A word on women: For too long we’ve been expected to be silent - to watch and be told how to act. But we want to do. We want to see. We want to be loud! Our desire to explore has finally overcome our desire not to be sidelined. At POINT Gym and Kitchen we encourage women to stop the cycle of self-doubt, to take risks, to fall and get back up… to take up space. Without role models that have come before us, venturing into new territory can be intimidating. It is with great excitement that we bring you our POW (Powerful Outdoor Women) Series. Over the next few months we will feature women in the outdoors who are taking chances, being bold, and blazing paths to show the world we are strong, we are mighty, and we are POWerful!          

- Coaches KB and Mel

Meet POWerful Outdoor Woman Anna Frost, aka “Frosty."

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Anna Frost is a Salomon sponsored ultra-running champion from New Zealand and all around inspiring person with or without her running shoes on. Recently, she won the 2016 Hardrock 100-mile mountain race for the second consecutive year - a race through the San Juan mountains in a time of 29 hours at 14,000ft. Whoa.

Even more than her long list of accomplishments, what makes Anna so special and such an obvious POWerful woman in our eyes is her awareness that what you do does not determine who you are and her belief that the reasons you pursue sport and adventure or any other passions should be for the love you have for them. 

Check out this video posted by Salomon Running detailing Anna's love, struggles, and realizations about running. Be inspired by her words and reflect on your own purpose behind what you choose to do.

Q: What is your sport or job of choice in the outdoors?

A: Runner, jewelry maker, yoga/strength conditioning teacher

Q: How did you learn about/crack into this activity?

A. I grew up in NZ in a very active lifestyle: camping, hiking, fishing, play sports from field hockey to rowing, triathlon and running. I found mountain running and fell in love with the mountains, the travel, the culture and the people involved.

Q: What have been your greatest challenges to move up in or continue with the sport?

A: The constant travel has been challenging and there are always injuries that get in the way, but because I am so passionate about running it is easy to overcome these challenges.

Q: What made you stick with it?

A: The love for it! It has to come from your heart

Q: What advice would you give to another women struggling to start or to find her place in a male dominated arena?

A:  it isn't about the sport being male dominated. It is about our own confidence to give something a go.

Q: Who have been your inspirations in the outdoor world?

A: Anyone that does what they love in the outdoors is an inspiration to me.

A closing fun fact about Anna is that there is a children's book written about her; "Fearless Frosty: The Mighty Story of Mountain Runner Anna Frost."

From the Inside Flap

"Fearless Frosty tells the tale of New Zealander Anna Frost and how she chased her dream to become a professional mountain runner. "Whatever it is, go after it. Find the thing that makes you fly! Because one thing is for certain: You'll never know unless you try." SisuGirls is a global movement encouraging girls to step into themselves through sport and adventure. Sisu is a Finnish term for determination, bravery and resilience. We want all girls to have the self-belief and conviction to try new things, the tenacity to endure, and the bravery to push boundaries. We want girls to discover the outdoors, adventure and sports. Not always to compete, but to be involved, be active and most importantly to learn about themselves and others. We want girls to develop strong foundations of confidence, so they have the self-belief to follow their dreams, with sisu. Fearless Frosty is the first book in our collection of stories about fearless females."

About the Author

Chloe Chick is the founder of SisuGirls, co-founder of Peaks Foundation and contributing founder of No Barriers Women. She is passionate about inspiring sisu in women and girls.


Thank you, Anna!