REAL TALK ABOUT REAL HEALTH... What is Nutritional Therapy?

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By Coaches KB & Mel

At POINT one of our guiding philosophies is that our individual health impacts our community and it is both a service to ourselves and others to work toward optimal health and happiness.

Because no one else seems to, let’s get honest about nutrition/health: Gimmicks and fad diets - 6-Week Fat Blast; Summer Slim Down; Bikini Body Boot Camp; etc. - are everywhere because they play into our modern desire for convenience but THEY. DON’T. WORK. You CANNOT achieve optimal health in just six weeks. You can certainly lose weight in six weeks, but weight-loss is not the same as improved health. Health is not an end-goal that we achieve after a designated amount of time; it is a lifestyle that we integrate into our daily experiences over a lifetime.

Everywhere you go it seems someone is touting some new idea about “the best” way to be healthy. Usually each of these “guaranteed strategies” results in the creators getting rich and you getting both financially and nutritionally poor. Integrity was a key factor when choosing from the myriad nutrition programs available. Ultimately, we landed on Nutritional Therapy. The cornerstone of Nutritional Therapy is a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet. No gimmicks or empty promises. Integrity of practice is of highest importance, which means that we work with each person to develop an individual plan according to your unique bio-individual needs.

The “therapy” part of Nutritional Therapy is the notion that the foods we eat can have a therapeutic effect in the body. The basic science is that our bodies and its systems are built from cells, which are built from and function off of the nutrients we feed them (yes, we are feeding our cells… our bodies!... and not just our hunger). If we want our body’s systems to work optimally we must feed ourselves the most nutrient-dense foods on a regular basis. Since most of us have spent at least part of our lives eating a nutrient-deficient diet, otherwise known as the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet... think cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, pasta for dinner, processed snacks in between, everything from a bag, box, or jar, and everything low fat) it makes sense that some of our systems would not be optimally working. If you ever experience symptoms such as:

  • Heartburn/Reflux
  • Gas/Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • PMS
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Asthma/Allergies
  • + many more!

it is likely a result of a nutrient deficiency or imbalance. In Nutritional Therapy we take a holistic approach to get to the root of what is going on - prescribing a drug to mask the symptoms isn’t the answer, but telling you to eat more vegetables probably isn’t the whole answer, either. The end goal is to empower you with knowledge about how your body works and utilizes nutrients so you can make informed decisions about your health going forward given your lifestyle.  

We currently offer one-on-one sessions; group/corporate presentations; in-home pantry/fridge assessments to learn how to adjust what you already have at home to optimize your health; grocery store shopping tours to learn what choices to make among all the options in the aisles; and in-home cooking lessons to take the intimidation out of preparing sometimes unfamiliar ingredients in nutrient-dense meals.

Ultimately, we just want our world to be a better place and know we each can do our part to make sure we give back as much as we can in the way of health and happiness. Sign up for your free consultation online. We are super passionate about TRUE health and wellness and are excited to share our knowledge in whatever way works best for you.

Happily and Healthfully, 
Kimberly Alexander, Melissa Sher, Madeline Schaefer, NTPs
POINT Gym and Kitchen


“The nutritional program has been life changing for me-I have learned how to eat healthy satisfying food without feeling starved or restricted. When meeting with the nutritional therapist I felt validated and supported-I was encouraged from the start. Never did I feel shame or guilt if I didn't accomplish my goal for the week, I was able to discuss my concerns around food and learned how not to re-traumatize myself with shaming. I was given tools and skills in session that I actually feel confident to continue outside the POINT Gym and Nutrition program. I have struggled for years with severe allergies and gastrointestinal issues and for the first time in years I haven't had stomach aches after eating. I think that this was one of the most beneficial parts of this program-I feel that I have corrected years of issues in only 6 months.”

"I signed up for 3 months of Nutritional Therapy with the intent of feeling healthier and having an eating plan I could follow after the 3 months were up. What I got out of it was much more than I originally expected. Between the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaires, in-person meetings, and phone calls, my Nutritional Therapist was able to address specific health concerns through nutrition. Not only did she provide an individualized plan tailored for my concerns, she was thorough in communicating the methodology and goals through each phase, ensuring we were on the same page. When all is said and done, I feel much healthier, better informed, and have the tools to continue progressing."