Member Appreciation 2018

One commitment we had when we opened was to keep our classes small enough that it would feel like a community. We wanted to get to know our members and have our members get to know each other. Staying true to this sentiment allows us to appreciate our business for more than just our livelihood. Our lives are enriched by all the people who sweat on our floors. Everyone who comes through our doors teaches us lessons about the world and for that we are truly grateful. Below you will find just a short appreciation for all of our current members who make POINT a truly wonderful place. Some of them are silly, some are sweet, but all are heartfelt. Thanks for a great year, everyone! Give yourself a high five!

Amarylis F - We appreciate you sharing your perspective on wellness with others.

Amy V - We appreciate your work ethic in workouts.

Anna R - We appreciate your uplifting mood as a staple of our evening classes.

Annie K - We appreciate your focus on quality of movement.

Ashley S - We appreciate that you always give people the benefit of the doubt... and that you are a rare member of POINT who actually enjoys running ;)

Beth B - We appreciate your humor, your long underwear, and your dedication to getting your first pullup done the right way!

Bridget H - There is no way to express our appreciation for you. #dirtyhealth ;)

Brooke R - We appreciate your dedication to all your PT after your workout.

Caitlin C - We appreciate how freakin hard you work in class!

Cesa S - We appreciate your dedication to the gym even though you have so much going on with school and jobs!

Chaise J - We appreciate how you use POINT workouts to facilitate your love of biking and running.

Cristin P - We appreciate you being back at POINT! #7AM4lyfe ;)

Daniel S - Even more than putting the signs out, we appreciate how you make everyone feel so welcome - especially new members!

Danielle B - We appreciate how when the workout starts, you put your head down and get it done!

Ember K - We appreciate all your outdoor adventures! Thank you for living the POINT mission!

Emily O - We appreciate having you back at POINT and for showing everyone that new moms can take time for themselves.

Farrell R - We appreciate your dedication to your knee rehab so you could meet your running goals… Nice work this year!

Gina K - We appreciate your ability to bring bring the mood up even when there are so many burpees!

Jacob H - We appreciate you doing your best… to get Mallery to the gym on time. ;)

Jamie H - We appreciate you being the only one that had a year-end MovNat goal!

Karim A - We appreciate your sharing circle contributions. :)

Ken K - We appreciate your seemingly endless good mood.

Kirsten I - We appreciate your embodiment of the POINT philosophy: Train Indoors. Play Outdoors.

Kristin V - We appreciate your “beast mode” in the gym and your “badass-ness” outside the gym.

Lauren O - We still appreciate your sense of humor, usually at Bridget's expense, in and out of class :)

Lauren T - We appreciate your SEO genius and your willingness to help our small biz!

Mallery H - We appreciate your pumpkin cookies! And you… we appreciate you, too. ;)

Mason K - We appreciate your dedication to work-life balance. We know how hard it is to start a business… Keep it up!

Matt B - We appreciate your newfound commitment to gym life. :)

Matthew S - We appreciate how excited you get about using your POINT skills outside the gym!

Mel D - We appreciate you celebrating your special occasions at POINT!

Michelle C - We appreciate your awesome POINT coaching skills on Saturdays!

Mya - We appreciate that you’ve never not finished a workout. ;)

Nicole D - We appreciate your attitude… And we mean that in ALL possible ways! ;)

Nicole M - We appreciate your commitment to MovNat!

Nikki B - We appreciate how you approach the rocks that weight as much as you do with no fear!

Osa E - We appreciate that you kept showing up… and also that you are now taking important time off.

Rhonda W - We appreciate how you spoil our pups with all the treats. :)

Sam Z - We appreciate how you are taking your recovery in stride and actually giving yourself time to build true strength and heal.

Shawn S - We appreciate the energy and lightheartedness you bring to the evening crew!

Sherri S - We appreciate you giving back the message of health to your students!

Sheryl A - We appreciate your loyalty as a current “honorary” member. ;)

Simone S - We appreciate how we STILL look at you as Wonder Woman! ;)

Steve K - We appreciate that you do all the stuff you hate without complaining… unless you are asked. ;)

Talia E - We appreciate how hip your tattoos make the photos on our website look. ;)

Tyler H - We appreciate that we can always introduce you to new people as Mr. Nude Portland. ;)