Introducing Madeline and Holistic Yoga Therapeutics™!

By Madeline Schaefer

Hi everyone! I am so excited for the opportunity to work at POINT with all of you. If you are new to the concept of Holistic Yoga Therapeutics™ it could be described simply as “movement therapy,” although it is so much more than that! It is for anybody, whether you do yoga or not. The “Yoga” part of the name implies where it derives its principles of alignment, breathing techniques, and the approach of viewing each individual as a whole. We know so many of you struggle with chronic pain, are recovering from an injury, have specific fitness goals, feel “tight” in your hips/shoulders/low back/etc., or just generally feel limited by the functionality of your body so we are thrilled to be able to offer a service that encourages healing THROUGH movement, rather than by limiting it. 

REAL TALK ABOUT REAL HEALTH... What is Nutritional Therapy?

By Coaches KB & Mel

At POINT one of our guiding philosophies is that our individual health impacts our community and it is both a service to ourselves and others to work toward optimal health and happiness.

Because no one else seems to, let’s get honest about nutrition/health: Gimmicks and fad diets - 6-Week Fat Blast; Summer Slim Down; Bikini Body Boot Camp; etc. - are everywhere because they play into our modern desire for convenience but THEY. DON’T. WORK. You CANNOT achieve optimal health in just six weeks. You can certainly lose weight in six weeks, but weight-loss is not the same as improved health. Health is not an end-goal that we achieve after a designated amount of time; it is a lifestyle that we integrate into our daily experiences over a lifetime.

POWerful Outdoor Women's Series - Kerstin Holster

POW! Series - Meet POWerful Outdoor Woman Kerstin Holster

"Nothing can stop you if you keep pushing past the stigmas and societal boundaries" - Kerstin Holster

Kerstin is a BADASS professional downhill mountain bike racer. She and a few other women started NoApologies MTB; a support network for women looking to grow and find their place in such a male dominated sport.

POWerful Outdoor Women's Series- Zofia Reych

POW! - Meet POWerful Outdoor Woman Zofia Reych

“If and when you encounter sexism, call it out. Some people won’t like you for it, but you’re likely to like yourself better.” - Zofia Reych

Zofia is a very special guest on this project; not only is she a big part of the climbing world itself, she also wrote her MA thesis on climbing women and the media. She truly embodies what it means to be a POW by working to empower the women within her community.

POWerful Outdoor Women's Series - Julie Angel

POW! - Meet POWerful Outdoor Woman Julie Angel

“Every training day and experience is different because it gives me a snapshot of where I’m at. Some days strong, others tired or timid; it’s a mixed bag so there’s always something new to explore.” - Julie Angel

Parkour extraordinaire Julie Angel is the creator of the Strong Body Strong Mind online course, Filmmaker, photographer, author of “Breaking the Jump,”  movement coach, and owner of the world’s first Parkour themed Ph.D.

POWerful Outdoor Women's Series - Anna Frost

POW! - Meet POWerful Outdoor Woman Anna Frost

“It isn’t about the sport being male dominated. It is about our own confidence to give something a go.” - Anna Frost


Anna Frost, aka Frosty, is a Salomon sponsored ultra-running champion from New Zealand and all around inspiring person with or without her running shoes on. Recently, she won the 2016 Hardrock 100-mile mountain race for the second consecutive year - a race through the San Juan mountains in a time of 29 hours at 14,000ft. Whoa.

Non-Toxic Homecare - Laundry Detergent

By Coach KB

Starting out on a chemical free homecare journey can be daunting. All the pretty blogs say it is so easy and then you feel dumb for being scared to mess it up. Well, I think it is pretty dumb that all of the home “care” companies use toxic chemicals, dyes, and fragrances to trick us into buying expensive products we don’t need and actually do the opposite of “care” for us - Did you know that artificially scented products are one of the main causes of indoor air pollution? NOTHANKYOU!

If you want to dive into a more natural (and budget friendly!) approach to homecare, laundry detergent is the easiest place to start, in my opinion. It’s a bonus that I also think it’s one of the most important since our clothes rub on our skin all day long and the residual chemicals have to go somewhere! Hopefully this post will outline how to fearlessly make your own detergent. If it doesn’t answer all your questions just freaking ask me because I am human and I won’t make fun of you.

Real Food = Time + Money

By Coach Mel

When I was a kid I remember my mom saying, “I just hate spending money on food.” Every single time we left the grocery store she would utter these words. “It’s such a waste; you buy it and then it’s gone.”

Hearing anything weekly as a child leaves an impression of some sort. I took with me that food was a waste of money and tried to buy as cheaply as I could once I was responsible for purchasing my own groceries starting in college. While this is not a blog about all the unhealthy things we do to our bodies in college, suffice it to say, I didn’t need to add shitty food to the list.


By Coach KB

(If you are new to the POINT Gym and Kitchen blog and want to learn what the Movement Minute Challenge is all about, check out the introductory post here.)

“If you watch novice runners running, you will see them doing a lot of idiosyncratic things - the way their foot is swinging or their limbs are swinging - but if you watch elite athletes move, you will see much less variation in their movement.”  

-Todd Hargrove, author of A Guide to Better Movement and creator of


By Coach KB

(If you are new to the POINT Gym and Kitchen blog and want to learn what the Movement Minute Challenge is all about, check out the introductory post here.)

As many of you know I have lots of WTF thoughts about the way we are led to believe we should live our lives, eat our food, and engage in movement so I was interested to learn more about Gary Ward’s book, What the Foot? Gary is the founder of Anatomy in Motion and believes that changes in the way the body moves and feels can happen in a matter of minutes, so for all you chronic body sufferers out there, there is hope. Gary has a lot to say about stretching (if you’ve been following the MM you won’t be surprised that he hates it) and how he is not a fan of the popular word “neutral” to describe posture (he prefers the word center, as it describes a position we move through and not to) but I have already written a lot about stretching and posture so I will focus on the feet.

8 Tips to Progress Toward Health

By Coach KB

One of the most powerful things I learned from my time as an administrator working in the public schools was to “presume positive intentions.” This was one of a list of seven norms we were asked to practice when we met in groups and discussed observations we conducted of teachers in their classrooms. No teacher shows up at work and decides, “I am going to aim for mediocrity today. I want to give these children the minimum amount of effort that I have.” This would especially true on a day they know they are being observed. Presuming the teachers thought they were doing the absolute best they knew how set the post-conversation up to be non-judgemental and focused on the facts of what happened, rather than how we felt about it.

I have taken this concept of presuming positive intentions with me into other areas of my life - in my marriage, when I’m driving, on Facebook… anytime inklings of judgement creep up I redirect my thoughts to what their positive intentions may be. Practicing this habit had made me a more empathic person and reduced the amount of unnecessary negativity in my life.


By Coach KB

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Another MM about stretching... What in the heck is it about stretching?!! Everyone is obsessed with the notion that if they feel “tight” in an area they should “stretch” it. Tight hips... tight shoulders... tight hamstrings… and the inevitable question of the best stretch for that particular body part. Here are two more experts that say that stretching (flexibility/mobility/range of motion) is not about length; it’s about strength! Today I will briefly discuss Anne Tierney and Steve Sierra’s Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching method (Ki-Hara defined below), which focuses on eccentric training to balance muscle groups.


By Coach KB

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I am so so so so so excited to write this Movement Minute (and will definitely go over a minute but it is just because I am so in love with the inspiration for this week’s Movement Minute - Katy Bowman). Basically, Katy Bowman is a total BOSS biomechanist (and overall human) and has a lot of good things to say so I will just get right into it without introduction and let her ideas speak for themselves. (PS - She has written a bunch of books that you should totally read.)


By Coach KB (and I apologize for the image... it was too good not to use)

(If you are new to the POINT Gym and Kitchen blog and want to learn what the Movement Minute Challenge is all about, check out the introductory post here.)

I spent a brief few years of my early adult life as a dancer and our artistic director was trained in the Alexander Technique. I was so busy doing-doing-doing at that time in my life I didn’t understand it - when she talked about her practice it just didn’t seem like it was doing anything. I was so caught up in doing all the time I was oblivious to the most important foundational component of our humanity - BEING.

What is "Snack Food?"

By Coach Mel

What can I eat for a snack?

This is a question we get a lot at POINT Kitchen. And it is a valid question. The food industry has conditioned our brains to believe that there is snack food and then there is food food. Not unlike the thinking that goes behind “breakfast food” “lunch food” and “dinner food”. Guys, come in close now I’m gonna tell you a secret, **whispered** “it’s all just food.”  Well, if we are getting technical I suppose it is not “all just food.” The “snack” items we have to select from in the stores include a host of options, few of which, however, are actually “food.”

So, still the question remains, What can I eat for a snack?


By Coach Mel

Before visions of sugar plums get too wild in your head remember that oh so many people/animals (that’s right) need our help now and all the time for that matter. It’s a stressful time of year… it always is. Maybe this year more than ever due to recent political events. I will say this, though - one good thing that has come of “recent events” is a lot people within my personal community want to know how the heck they can help. Donations are huge, volunteering is becoming a thing again, and when people don’t have money or much time to donate I have even seen hugs offered. Let’s continue this trend through the holidays and beyond.  I am so privileged and if you are reading this blog you probably are too. That is not meant to be a guilt-trip into donating, but I know I need the “I’m privileged” reminder sometimes so we can just call it a self-serving comment.  


By Coach KB

(If you are new to the POINT Gym and Kitchen blog and want to learn what the Movement Minute Challenge is all about, check out the introductory post here.)


This week’s Movement Minute is brought to you by Jonathan FitzGordon, creator of theCoreWalking Method… and also of the workshop brilliantly titled The Psoas Release Party. Walking and our psoas are intricately connected and lots of chronic pain (back, knee, shoulders, etc.) are tied to our repeated pattern of walking incorrectly. The psoas (our main hip-flexor) is one of the muscles that brought us up to a bipedal standing position and allows us to walk. Since many of us walk incorrectly (usually meaning we lean backwards) the psoas is not aligned correctly and our entire posterior chain is disengaged. Learning to walk correctly is one of the best ways to release the psoas and, therefore, reduce pain throughout the body.

POINT Gratitude

By Coaches KB and Mel

We have so much to be thankful for in our lives. Melissa and I want to extend out utmost appreciation and respect for all of you. You not only come in regularly because you have made a commitment to your own health but, in so doing, you also are committing to the overall health of our world. Simply put, we are better because you are better and, for that, we thank you. 

Many of you took the opportunity over the last few weeks to share your gratitude with the POINT community. We have compiled all your words into one big reminder that life is great and, even in the worst of times, we can find things to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 

THE UPRISING! (a special edition Movement Minute)

By Coach KB

I have been joking about training for the uprising since the day after the election but here’s a little secret: I’m not joking. I’M. NOT. JOKING.

The uprising I am talking about is not a revolution in the historical war sense. It's literally a movement... of our bodies. Let me explain - When I called on you on November 9 to train with a renewed purpose to be a stronger version of yourself I was not calling for yoked out beefcakes to come with me to F some S up. What I am talking about is all of us rising up as individuals to move and to train with purpose so we can live our lives with purpose and become stronger versions of ourselves: THE UPRISING.