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Throughout the year our bodies put up with a lot given our hectic lifestyles and the foods we choose to eat. Many of our common symptoms such as headaches, heartburn, and low energy are a direct result of what we put in our bodies. We created the group E.A.T. Challenge (Eat Actual Things) as a way to reset your systems and discover which foods give you energy, vitality, and health.

The objective of the EAT Challenge is to help you develop a healthy lifestyle by eating whole foods; it is not a quick-fix program with a magic pill that makes false claims and only produces temporary results. Adopting a healthier lifestyle for you and your family can be easy to talk about but tough to do. This Challenge provides a structure to get you started and help your body regain balance. We have designed it to be easy to follow and fit into any lifestyle. Basically, we eat real foods (Actual Things!) that make us feel awesome… like champions!

The value of EATing with POINT:
- Build an understanding of what real food is and what different foods can do to (or for!) your body
- Develop a positive relationship with food.
- Gain healthy and mindful principles of eating.
- Learn to cook with a variety of different foods. 
- Surround yourself with a community of people for accountability and support.
- Receive recipes and weekly shopping lists to last throughout the entire Challenge, as well as a complete EAT Challenge Guide with in-depth information related to nutrition.  
- Daily access to two nutritional therapists for questions and information related to EATing via a private Facebook group. 
- 15% discount on all other nutrition services we offer.
All of this for only $125!

While we intentionally plan our group E.A.T. Challenges at specific times of year - January, May, and October (check back for specific start-dates and info meetings) - the program is not designed to be a "quick-fix," but rather an educational journey that will build a positive relationship with food and new habits that will last a lifetime. 

Want to start right now and EAT on your own? Get the recipes, shopping lists, and EAT Challenge Guide for only $100. Use the link above to sign up and enter the promo code EATNOW at checkout.