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Even though we are nutrition-nuts, we are also full-time business owners, outdoor adventure enthusiasts, have partners, friends, and dogs who deserve our time, and gardens, kombucha, sauerkraut, and sleep that need our time. We are committed to preparing our meals at home with fresh ingredients, but it often means just throwing together a hodge-podge mash-up of the greatest hits our respective fridges have to offer. This is totally fine if you don't care what your meal looks like or, sometimes, what the combination of ingredients tastes like! This is also totally fine if you want to eat the same things over and over again... taco salad, anyone?!! (taco salad is a delicious quick-and-easy meal, btw).

We all know we tend to buy the same things that we know how to cook in a pinch - chicken, broccoli, spinach, and maybe ground beef are typical - because who outside of professional Pinteresters actually has time to find recipes each week, write down all the necessary ingredients in an organized list, go grocery shopping, remember which recipe was for which day of the week so we actually remember to take x, y, or z out of the freezer the night before, let alone prepare the actual meal? We have tried to be that person and failed miserably, and then felt guilty that we were "bad" nutritionists, and then broke down and ate a pint of ice cream for dinner instead just to prove it. Freal. No... srsly...

DONE. WITH. THAT. Here's the truth: Cooking is important. Variety in your diet is important. AND living your life outside the kitchen is important. Enter Real Plans. This is legitimately the only Meal Planning website/app that we have found to be useful, user-friendly, delicious, AND aligned with our nutritional philosophies. And with both of us having partners that care a little more about the "presentation" of their meals, it keeps everyone happy. Plus, it's ridiculously cheap considering all services you get, not to mention all the health benefits you reap from having a varied, nutrient-dense diet. 

For as little as $6/month you get to personalize your Real Plans meal plan with the following details: 

  • Which kind of "diet" you wish to follow - Paleo; Primal; AIP; Whole 30; Ketogenic; Vegetarian, Dairy-Free; Gluten-Free; GAPS; and Traditional. Within those you can pick individual ingredients to include or eliminate if you have allergies or other sensitivities. 
  • At which grocery store you do most of your shopping. 
  • How many recipes and what type you want for each day of the week - it has recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus sides to go with each main course. 
  • How many people you are cooking for (it automatically adjusts each recipe's quantities to reflect this for your shopping!)
    ProTip - We each only cook for two people but we set the dinner recipes to four so we have leftovers for lunches. Then we opt not to include lunch recipes on our plans.  
  • Which day of the week you want to start your plan on (probably the day you are most likely to go to the grocery store).
  • Populated shopping lists with all the ingredients in the right quantities for the meals that week.
  • A free app that has all the info, including the shopping lists, for easy shopping. 
  • A weekly "schedule" to remind you to take something out of the freezer or start the slow-cooker in the morning, etc. 
  • And obviously all the recipes you want in an easy-to-follow format. Don't like one of the recipes? Easily swap it out for a different one. 

This quick video explains it visually so you can see how it works. It really is incredible! 

IN A NUTSHELL, since using Real Plans, we have enjoyed:

  • More variety in our diet.
  • Less guilt about not having a meal planned. 
  • More time spent doing things other than meal-planning and shopping-list writing.
  • Less food-waste from forgetting ingredients we bought and then pushed to the back of the fridge without a plan for them.
  • More happiness from our partners (and honestly, from ourselves) for having an actual meal planned. 
  • Less stress about what to make and/or not having the right ingredients in the house to make it. 

It's totally worth it. We only endorse products and services that we actually believe in and we pick and choose our affiliations carefully. This service has legitimately improved the quality of our lives and our health. We hope it will do the same for you!