Oregon's only MovNat Licensed Facility!

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TUESDAYS / Thursdays
7am, 8am, 12, 4:30pm, 5:30pm

The practice of Natural Movement is a fitness method based on what your body was actually meant to do – move. Specifically, it was designed to move in complex and adaptive ways. When practiced correctly, our natural movements are all we need to be strong, fit, agile, and healthy. Walking, climbing, crawling, jumping, lifting, balancing, etc. contain within them all the fitness we need. Many of us have lost our natural abilities through living a modern, sedentary lifestyle. The practice of Natural Movement is here to restore your natural vitality and health– it will change how you move, and change how you feel in every aspect of your life.

MovNat classes are taught by MovNat Master Trainers and Certification Team Instructors, Kimberly Alexander and Melissa Sher


POINT’s Motto: “Train Indoors. Play Outdoors.”

Develop skill, competence, efficiency, and confidence in a controlled environment - our gym. The goal is that you will then translate the skills learned at POINT into the real world with adaptability and trust in your body.

Check out “The Workout the World Forgot” below to see MovNat skills in the outdoors.


  1. Is MovNat for me?

    One of the principles of MovNat is that it is Universal: “it belongs to every human being regardless of origin, gender, age, social class, or belief system.” The unique thing about MovNat is that it is a fitness SYSTEM designed to begin from the ground up, building strength and efficiency along the way. If group classes aren’t your thing or you want to begin with 1:1 attention, we offer personal and partner training.

  2. Will I get a workout?

    Yes, but it might feel different than your traditional “HIIT” class. MovNat classes focus on efficiency in your movement skills. This will ultimately make your performance in our traditional Strength+Agility classes and your non-gym sports and activities stronger. We lift, carry, run, jump, balance, and climb but the context is different and more practical than you might be used to - Get ready to lift rocks instead of barbells; discover new ways to climb beyond the pullup, and learn just how challenging walking on a narrow surface can be.

  3. Do I have to wear shoes?

    Absolutely not! We just might be the only gym in PDX that encourages no shoes or minimal shoes, especially for our MovNat classes. That said, you can obviously wear shoes if you prefer. :)