At POINT Kitchen we believe that the body functions off of what we feed it. We practice Nutritional Therapy and base our practice on a properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole food diet to nourish our bodies and restore health. We live in an age of highly processed foods where no combination is ultimately healthy. As dietary fads come and go we become more and more confused as to what we should actually be putting in our bodies. The fact is, there is no perfect diet for everyone - we each have unique, bio-individual needs. At POINT Kitchen we will help you find the right types of whole foods in the right combinations that will restore balance, enhance your ability to heal, and work preventatively against disease. 

With this as our foundation we take nutrition coaching to a new level, targeting digestion, blood sugar handling, fatty acid and vitamin deficiency, mineral balance, and hydration. Optimal health is achieved when these factors are properly regulated. Additionally we will explore lifestyle factors that support your body's needs. Nutrition and lifestyle are inextricably linked and it takes a holistic approach to accomplish the quality of life we strive for. 

Is Nutritional Therapy right for you?

We all come to Nutritional Therapy for a variety of reasons. Typical health complaints such as headaches, inability to lose weight, heartburn, fatigue, afternoon energy crashes, trouble sleeping, PMS, bloating, allergies, and gas might indicate a nutritional imbalance. Genetic predisposition to autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disease, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, and other chronic disorders can also be supported through Nutritional Therapy.

If you experience these or other common complaints, schedule your FREE Initial Consultation


During your free initial consultation we will get to know each other, discuss your primary health concerns and goals, and determine which services are right for you. You will provide us with two important documents you will bring with you pre-filled out: your Health Intake paperwork, which includes historical questions to give us a global picture of your health and your Three-Day Food/Activity Journal, which gives us a window into your current eating and lifestyle patterns. 

At your first session we will review your Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ), which is an extensive questionnaire that provides us with information about your symptoms and gives us a better picture of your specific areas of concern and deficiency. You will also have the option to participate in a Functional Evaluation (FE). The FE is a way for us to gather clinical information in order to help determine specific nutritional deficiencies and areas of dysfunction. This is accomplished through a series of hands-on touch and palpation points on the body. With the FE we can better determine the right nutrients that will help support your body's needs, eliminating the guesswork that can come with supplement recommendations. 

While we review your nutritional history and your current symptoms, we will also discuss your goals for the future and create a step-by-step plan for success for you to take home. Your package also comes with follow-up sessions for us to monitor your progress, reevaluate your symptoms, and make additional recommendations.