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Train Indoors. Play Outdoors. 

Training with a purpose keeps your workouts from becoming stagnant. We want you to be able to say YES to any activity presented to you. From hiking to biking to mountaineering to kayaking, being in nature gives us a whole new perspective on life. These activities also take mental and physical strength, stamina, and coordination. Indoor training at POINT will support the development of these skills so you will be safe when you hit the trail.

Be You. Only Stronger. 

All genders. All races. All sizes. All ages. All sexual orientations. All abilities. All religions. All people. The human body is meant to do work - to be strong, powerful, and expend energy throughout the day. Come as you are. Keep progressing through the best version of yourself each day along the way.  

Self-Confidence Through Physical Competence

There are few things that bring more of a sense of pride than being able to take care of all your daily activities on your own. Putting your own bag into the overhead compartment on a flight... Getting down to the floor to play with your kids (and grandkids!) for hours... Helping your friend move... Doing your own yardwork... There are countless different things that come up every day that all add up to your interpretation of who you are. 

Health is an Act of Service

Your health directly impacts your community. Your body functions off of what you feed it and how you move it. The healthier and happier you are the more likely it is you are a supportive family member and friend, a productive employee, and a helpful neighbor. In addition to the importance of taking care of yourself, we all benefit from each other's vitality.